Other consultants advise on business strategy. I work with key people on the executive team who have hit a brick wall and have no one they trust to help them through it. Their personal problems affect the entire team and threaten to eat into your financial results. They require full confidentiality and need a solution now.

My specialty, sweet spot and full focus is fast, gentle resolution of any personal issues that get in the way of full productivity and profitability.

Traditional approaches don’t work because they focus on the symptoms and not the root cause. And they take forever. We get to root cause quickly. My clients TAKE BACK CONTROL with guaranteed exponential results. WITHIN 30 DAYS. If you think this might be the quick and permanent solution you’re looking for, let's have a conversation. We’ll know in moments if it’s right for a member of your team.


When a key person needs to break through a hidden, personal barrier that is blocking progress and causing problems, and you need a solution now, I offer an easy method that gets immediate, positive results.


Executive coaches and consultants call me in when an important client is not getting the expected results because of hidden obstacles to their progress. This is an adjunct service, and not competition.


If you have tried everything and not had results on your own . . . my unique method will provide deep and permanent relief from stress, anxiety, indecision, fear, loss, and guilt. Achieve breakthrough results.