Clients Say

“I’m a believer! It’s been transformational. Eight years of talk therapy got me nowhere except it was a good place to complain. Your style is great toward getting to the issues and getting them resolved. Childhood traumas and negativity that have been hanging over me for my whole life are gone. The anger is gone. This is the most peaceful my life has ever been. I feel good. I feel free, for the first time ever. I’m a different person. I finally value myself. The track I was on was killing me but now I have the confidence to finally step back and make positive changes in my life. Because I matter.”

~ Kim Petry - CPA, Chief Financial Officer

“I found Mia to be very professional, caring and conscientious. Her dedication and encouragement have given me empowerment. FasterEFT has helped me enormously and I now have the confidence to go it alone with the new skills I have learned. Thank you Mia.”

~ Wendy Senior

“I had a 3 hour session with Mia Doucet, Monday and today. She changed my life, she also released a part of me to go where it wanted to go. We addressed, life, cancer, and children. I am totally a different person. I am so blessed to have her in my life. Thank you Mia, your sister in Feft.”

~ Sherri Uhl Stephens, FasterEFT Practitioner

“Mia is a kind, loving and generous soul. After one conversation, I knew I wanted to work with her over other EFT practitioners. Working with Mia helped start me on a path of true healing during one of the toughest years of my life. I had hit rock bottom and not only was I able to stand back up, but within a very short period of time, was able to experience joy, love and peace on a daily basis and continue to do so as I continue to heal belief systems that no longer serve me. To me, EFT is a miraculous tool for healing.”

~ Lisa Bruchac, Life Coach

“After our first session I turned from sad and hurt and bitter to excited, energized and clear. Simple clarity. It opened my eyes. I feel like a new person.”

~ Mark R.

“I was skeptical and worried that tapping might not work on me because I had tried it with no success. I am happy to say that I overcame a 40-year addiction to Pepsi and Coke in our first session together.”

~ Linda Clare

"I believe you. I trust you. I would never guess you have ever had problems in your life because you're so together."

~ Wendy Brunner, Owner, Brunner & Moore

“I had my first session with MIA today and felt really good about what we covered and what came out during the session! It was bang on! Although I felt tired after from crying and releasing hurts and pain I feel a new sense of acceptance of myself. This is the beginning of a new path of trusting and truly loving myself! I can be COMFORTABLE in my own skin and welcome myself back "home" again! All of this came out of the deep pain and guilt I'd carried from abandoning my sons (and their father) when they were young. The guilt and sense of helplessness are replaced with acceptance and hope. Mia stayed with me the whole way and she genuinely LOVES helping people get free”

~ Margie Austman

“It’s just a sense of sunlight and openness and freedom. I can see that you love this work because you’re bringing out the best in people . . . the beauty, the joy, whatever they’ve lost sight of. “All I see is light, wide open spaces, blue sky, sunshine. And not just that, but a feeling of lightness, kind of like floating. That’s it. That’s where I am. So peaceful. Quiet. No disturbance. Even the dogs barking outside my door. They’re just dogs being dogs. It has really rekindled my love of poetry. Who knows, I may start writing music. Thank you.”

~ Magda C.

“Again I thank you for your assistance in my path to becoming all that I can be. I’m grateful for Faster EFT results. I feel in charge of my reality as opposed to reacting to it. My heart just feels lighter and I feel in the present moment. I’m excited. Others have noticed the changes in me as well.”

~ Danielle Frechette