Clients Say

“Dear Mia: Thank you very, very much for our session yesterday. It was very powerful for me. I am already different in more ways than I could possibly imagine. I feel less "separate" from everyone whom I love (and whom I had been 'judging') and am able to be much more kind and open - a huge gift. You are terrific and I look forward to knocking out more useless stuff with your help. Thank you again, Mia. Love,


“I'm always skeptical and tapping on my own wasn't working for me. But the thousands of dollars I have spent on therapy in the past 35 years haven't given me the relief of the two hours I spent with Mia. Ten days after my session, I really believe I am healed. The old grief from my first husband’s death is gone. I am so grateful to Mia. She has truly helped me in many ways I never thought would be possible on this side of heaven.”

~ Heather Montgomery

“I am happy to say that I am more at peace, more hopeful and more secure than before our session."

~ Greg Tal

“I’m doing great. (It) was the best thing ever for my life. I’m still human and deal with emotions but I’m kicking absolute ass compared to where I was at a year and a half ago.”

~ D.K., Musician

“You’re like a psychiatrist. I can chill with you. I value your opinion because you’re not all f*****d up. I always sense that you’re totally present. You give good advice.”

~ M. J.

“I am feeling very positive, Mia. It's amazing. Before we worked together I was angry, bitter, and battling feelings of betrayal and abandonment. There was so much stress in my life, I was just coping. Our sessions were very liberating. And I'm sure it's why I'm in such good shape now. You can't be carrying all that stuff and move forward in your life. I've stopped the injustices in my life.”

~ Marie

"Since working with Mia, I feel that my mindset is clearer and not so focused on past issues. If I feel negative thoughts are invading my thought process I start the ritual of the tapping and it works as far as going away. It is definitely a useful tool to have. I find though that I do not require it as much as time goes on. Things do not trigger the emotions to surface as often which is a good thing and if they start I immediately start saying no no no and then start the tapping on my face and saying things to eliminate the thoughts. I feel much more in control and peaceful. I thank Mia for that."

~ Barb Hutton, Medical Secretary at London Health Sciences Centre

“Before working with Mia, I was knotted up and in crisis. My life was filled with conflict, overwhelm, perfectionism, passive aggression, feelings of helplessness and enormous fatigue. Through EFT we got to the core and addressed the unfinished work of childhood. I found my energy again and my passion has come back. My work with Mia has been so effective that those lifelong problems and issues now come back to me more like a recollected dream. They have lost all power.“

~ Karen McRorie, Educator

“I contacted Mia because I had tried everything I could think of to overcome my health issues, which included my emotional state. I was feeling anxious, overwhelmed, depleted, trapped, imploded and I wanted to get back to feeling energized and confident. I was really in a negative zone and didn't know how to break free of it. I had been reading everything I could get my hands on regarding The Law of Attraction. Nothing was working. I could tap for an hour and not feel a release. “From the first, Mia seemed to be putting it all together like no therapist in my life has done. Overall, I am now more positive, more optimistic that I'm going to be able to get where I want to go. I'm more balanced. More confident. It's not instant gratification but I feel it's more lasting. I wouldn't trust it if we solved everything in one day.”

~ Lee Johnstone, Sales Specialist

“Before I worked with Mia, I knew about EFT tapping and had tried it on my own - it seemed like it should be so simple! After months of this, I realized I wasn't getting anywhere, so I searched online for a practitioner and found Mia. I'm so glad I did! She has helped me work through so many layers of junk that were keeping weight on my body. I never would have thought to tap on some of these issues by myself. I feel so lucky to have had a guide to lead me and reassure me. Before our sessions, I had the belief that it was impossible to be at my ideal weight because of my genes, but now I rate that belief at a zero - it's not there! With Mia's expertise and patient support, I now feel able and ready to be at my perfect weight - for good!”

~ Lauren Moretti, Educator