Clients Say

“Nice work. It’s been a real pleasure. I really, really appreciate your work. We moved some deep, old, interesting stuff today and I’m pleased you were there for me.”

~ Robin Smith, FasterEFT Practitioner, Level IV

“I first worked with Mia in May 2009 on issues from my childhood and immediately felt so much ‘lighter.’ All I could say was WOW! The work we did took away both the emotional pain and the power of the perpetrator from my life. Overnight, my physical symptoms vanished, and my concentration improved. I enjoyed working with Mia, and I'm still LOVING the results!”

~ Sheila M. Stevenson, Author, Life Coach, Speaker

”Even after our first session, I was in awe as to the transformation I was seeing in such a short period of time. And the work we did last week was miraculous for me, really. There was an energetic shift. I just felt a lot more calm and grounded. I felt more conscious, aware and at choice. I had this incredible feeling of empowerment. Of being in charge. Of "coming home to me. “Some of the things we cleared are things I had been working on forever. It's being free. It's like a chipping away . . . getting to all the deeper levels of all the underlying crap. If only I had known it could be this easy.”

~ Janet Christensen, President and CIO, Dynamic Awareness Inc.