“When my coaching client has emotional baggage that stands in the way of making the expected progress, I turn to Mia Doucet. I've seen fast and lasting changes from her unique method. I find she achieves better results in weeks versus months or years of traditional therapy.”

Greg Schinkel - CSP, Frontline Leadership Expert

“You coached me before coaching became a buzzword. The immediate and lasting result of your coaching and training was the ability to focus, overcome whatever was holding me back from my personal best, and confidence in my ability to connect with others and market myself. “

~ Cristina Spiegel, BA, BAAS, MSc., Clinical Professional Connections, LLC

“Working with you has been so empowering, and has kept me on track through a difficult time in my life. When I leave your office, I always feel stronger, reaffirmed. You felt that I have always been underemployed. I wasn’t aware of having all the strengths you taught me I have. I use your information on a day-to-day basis — I’ve negotiated my way into a better paying job; I also negotiated the sale of my home, and a better mortgage. So, thank you!”

~ Karen Anderson, Business Connector, Anderson & Associates

“I told [name] you were my mentor. Was he impressed! If there’s anyone in London who is underutilized and not known enough, it’s Mia Doucet.”

~ Kimberley Dowhanick, Marketing Strategist

“You were our guru. I have great respect for you and everyone I talk to who was with Royal Trust has great respect for you. You always believed in me and you were instrumental to my career success.”

~ John Perry Bujouves, Director (later, Vice-President, CIBC International Private Banking (now Chairman at Globacor Capital Inc.)

“Others have described Mia Doucet as a popular speaker, author, and “innovative strategist.” But Mia’s true genius is her ability to combine her vision, insights, and research to spark money-making ideas. One idea alone triggered our first contract with a South Korean company worth tens of millions of dollars in revenues for my firm. That was 5 years ago. Since then, I have utilized Mia's coaching to secure business with new Asian customers, establish our South Korean manufacturing operations, and supply our automotive product in many new Asian built vehicles. “Most importantly, I see Mia first as a good, positive human being who possesses a huge amount of wisdom. Mia has had a positive influence on my life and I am honored to know her.”

~ Joseph (Joe) Varghese, Business Development, North America and Asia, Motor Division, Siemens VDO Automotive Inc.

“Since we started working together over 2½ years ago, my three businesses have experienced significant growth. One of them is up 70% year over year.”

~ Marc Lacoursière, President, Coach & Leadership Expert at The Achievement Centre International Inc. (I am Marc’s informal “Board of Directors.” We have now worked together for over six years.)

”I think you are a Master Coach. You listen thoughtfully, develop creative options, and then help people figure out who they need to connect with to get the results they want. You also strike the perfect balance in reassuring the people you coach (from my experience) and gently nudging them forward. In other words, I am impressed and I do not impress easily."

~ Dr. Brad McRae, CSP, Director, Atlantic Leadership Development Institute