Executive Breakthroughs

You play to win. You’re focused. You’re a high-achiever, highly motivated, a logical and intelligent thinker.

You have big future goals. You make great strategic choices.  You’re great at solving real problems on the job. You have a great track record. It’s how you built your reputation.

But for one reason or another (stress, anxiety, unresolved grief, marital problems, relationship issues, divorce, an errant child, addiction, depression, PTSD) there’s friction.

Something is blocking progress and you are honest enough to admit that the something might be you. You alone know the full cost of underperforming.

When not attended to, personal problems escalate into business problems and impact everyone on the team.

You’re self-aware enough to realize that in the complex and ever changing world of business, the last thing you need is friction, frustration and a negative drain on productivity. In order to stay at the top of your game, something has to be done. And now.

How  much is it costing you?

Not only do personal problems wreck our work/life balance, they force us to think short-term, often at the expense of clear, long-term results.

Unresolved personal problems have a disproportionate impact on your financial results. They have a much greater impact than most executives think. Research backs this up. Certain studies have estimated the financial impact is a multiple of the person’s annual salary. It’s dire.

And these are problems that rarely resolve themselves over time. The highest leverage you are ever going to get is to fix the problem at the soonest.

That’s where I come in.

I help executives overcome complex challenges. I take the emotion out of getting past emotional hurdles.

My specialty is fast, gentle resolution of whatever personal issues get in the way of full productivity.

I specialize in resolving urgent personal problems that affect your work life. My expertise is to quickly and confidently zero in and clear the root of the problem.

Just click here if you want to start talking talk about a solution.


Full commitment to your success. I take on only 3 clients per month in order to be fully available and present for our sessions.

You will overcome any barrier that is blocking your success WITHIN 30 DAYS or you will owe me nothing.

Needless to say, confidentiality is fully guaranteed

100% customized to your specific situation

Sessions are quick, stress-free, painless (and we often even get to laugh).

The results are permanent.

TAKE BACK CONTROL is not for you if:

You are too busy to make the time for our sessions. (In other words, if you are not sufficiently motivated to carve out the time during the day to work with me by phone or Skype for two hours at least once a week.)

You are not open to alternative methods of relieving stress—even if those methods are painless ad proven.

When the solution can’t wait because the problem is affecting your bottom line, CONTACT ME.  I respond within one business day.

Mia Doucet