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Adjunct Service for Executive Coaches and Consultants

Not Your Competition

I’m the one to call if something life-altering happens to an important client and you don’t want to handle it for whatever reason. If in spite of your best efforts, you are not getting the expected results because a hidden psychological roadblock is obstructing their progress.

You not only don’t want to lose the person as a client, you want to help them as a human being.

It goes without saying that my work is 100% confidential and I guarantee results within 30 days or your client owes me nothing.

Does anyone else promise you this?

If you would like to discuss my adjunct service, let’s have a conversation.

“You’re like a medical doctor referring a specialist.”

The Outcome You Can Expect

“When my coaching client has emotional baggage that stands in the way of making the expected progress, I turn to Mia Doucet. I’ve seen fast and lasting changes from her unique method. I find she achieves better results in weeks versus months or years of traditional therapy.”
~ Greg Schinkel, CSP, Frontline Leadership Systems

Signs Your Client May Need This Assistance 

When you’re frustrated with their lack of progress.

They are not having the expected breakthroughs because of a psychological roadblock.

They can’t get past an emotional event (trauma, death of a loved one, acrimonious divorce . . .).

No matter your best practices and strategies, there’s an emotional subtext you are both not able to break through.

The company wants a solution NOW. (Perhaps there is risk of termination, or extended sick leave, or diminished productivity that will have a severe financial impact.)

 Is This For You?

  • You want the best for your client yet you’re not breaking through
  • Your client is stuck. A hidden psychological barrier is sabotaging their success.
  • You’re not making progress and you’re both committed to solving the problem NOW.
  • The individual you are referring recognizes there is a blockage and welcomes a solution.
  • You have hit a wall with your coaching efforts and may be in danger of not succeeding with this client.
  • For some reason that is specific to a client, you are not able to provide the value you usually provide because of an invisible barrier.
  • If it doesn’t work (it always has), there is no cost to the company, so what do you have to lose?

Guaranteed breakthrough within 30 days

Guaranteed acceleration of your coaching results

Everybody benefits | Everybody wins

Guaranteed productivity improvement

Improved communication with colleagues, subordinates and team members

Guaranteed client confidentiality

Reciprocal referral arrangements

CONTACT ME if you want to talk about how we might work together. I will respond within one business day.

I work with clients in person, by phone or Skype from my office in London, Ontario, Canada or Venice, Florida, USA.