Human Resource Referrals

“When your company has a significant investment in a leader and that person’s productivity is suffering due to an unresolved issue that is beyond the scope of your expertise to resolve, that’s where Mia Doucet comes in.”

You know as well as I do that when a key person is under severe stress due to personal matters it threatens to derail their own performance and that of their entire team.

The valued manager or supervisor who is under-performing increases stress in the workplace. It’s difficult for them to lead and inspire. Their personal stress impedes agility and ability to manage change. It can lead to less team enthusiasm, low morale and increased absenteeism.

Worse, it creates a culture of indifference.

The Cost

Few companies fully calculate the cost of a key employee’s lost productivity due to personal blockages.

Fewer still fully calculate the negative impact on the culture and the cost of disengagement.

Strikingly, the number one factor influencing engagement and disengagement is a person’s relationship with their immediate supervisor (Forbes).

If we are to believe the statistics, only 32.6% of American workers are engaged; 67.4 of people at work are disengaged (Gallup, 2016). When the disengaged person is a top sales professional, for example, the annual cost to the company can exceed $1M.

When the person not performing at top capacity is on the executive team, the costs are incalculable.

The Solution

When a key person’s productivity suffers for whatever reason (usually an emotional one). You suspect there’s an emotional cause. Something has to be done . . . and soon. Your company wants results yesterday . . . I offer a solution:

TAKE BACK CONTROL:  a painless, proven, proprietary process that dissolves personal issues at source. Upheld by latest scientific discoveries.

Benefits to Your Organization

Return people to full productivity within 30 days

Avoid losing talent

Increase morale and engagement

Decrease absenteeism (You know that when an employee walks out the door, you’ve lost everything you’ve ever invested in the person.)

Permanent, rapid results guaranteed.

ROI: an absolute minimum 10x return in the first year alone.

If, for whatever reason, a leader’s effectiveness is compromised due to personal matters and your company want a resolution NOW, CONTACT ME . Let’s talk about whether this is the right action for you to take. No pressure.

My expertise is getting results fast by dissolving personal problems at the source.

Mia Doucet