Mia Doucet

Founder, Speed To ROI, LLC

I was born on the Canadian prairies where, they say, you can sit and watch your dog run away . . . for days. (My grandparents were homesteaders in Alberta.) A one-room schoolhouse is where I spent my first three years of school.

But that isn’t what you came here to read, is it?


I hold a degree in education and have professional certifications in coaching, sales, consulting, and human resources. I have studied various disciplines including Gestalt Therapy, One Brain®, NLP, Awakening Dynamics, EFT and FasterEFT.

For two decades I worked with teams of technical people to secure 6- to 8-figure contracts through deeper customer engagement. My focus was the high stress, high-strung, high testosterone Tier I and Tier II automotive industry.

How to Reach Me

I live in London, Ontario, Canada when it’s warm and Venice, Florida, USA in the fall and winter months. So my cellphone number changes with the seasons. Always best to reach me by email or via my Contact Page.