Sales Training

"Formidable. One knows right away . . . this woman is not spaghetti! Your work transcends just sales. It encompasses everything. Sports psychology. Golf. Life. You help people make the conscious commitment to change.”

~ Dan Webb, Canadian PGA, CPIM, Director of Instruction, PURESWING Performance Centres (China)

“I believe that 80% of my obstacles were internal, and you helped me overcome them. I’ve been focusing on key contacts and decision-makers. It’s just so rewarding. I broke through the social self-consciousness barrier and have been with VPs in both divisions of Magna four times in the past two weeks. . . I believe that 80% of my obstacles were internal, and you helped me overcome them.”

~ Deryck Hart, Business Development Manager, Southwestern Ontario Sales, Tregaskiss Welding Products (Now Global Managing Director - Automotion at ITW)

“Mia’s ‘Crack The Sales Code’ workshop was so effective that I drove 4 hours once a week to attend her entire series of 3-hour sessions! More than any other training I’ve experienced, Mia’s program helped me identify my major mental roadblocks and discover what I needed to do to get those roadblocks out of the way. Much of the success I’ve had at winning the ‘inner game’ can be traced back to taking part in Mia’s workshop.” (2012)

~ John Watkis, Speechwriter, Keynote Speaker

“It was during your course that I realized that strong human relationships drive sales. It was obvious I couldn’t have done anything in Korea without it. We accumulated $150 million in sales with a Tier 1 supplier in Korea. Mitsubishi represented the largest cultural challenges. We were a formidable force. We had tried and failed twice to win a contract. We made enough progress to clinch the deal the following year.”

~ Joseph (Joe) Varghese, P. Eng., Business Development, North America and Asia, Siemens VDO Automotie Inc.

“As Manager of the Canadian Professional Sales Association’s Knowledge Centre, I have known Mia for approximately 11 years, having recruited her to join our Speaker's Registry. Through the online Registry I recommended speakers and trainers for our members' in-house training programs, special events and meetings. To ensure that our members were happy with our services, I followed up on all referrals. “Mia was rated consistently by our members as Outstanding in her execution, delivery and content. (Rated 6 out of 6--overwhelmingly positive!) She spent many hours with her clients analyzing their needs and customizing her program content to meet their training objectives. Her commitment to professional development and client satisfaction set Mia apart from other training providers. “I never had any reservations about recommending Mia to our members as I knew that her meticulous preparation and professionalism would speak for themselves.”

~ Anna (Fredericks) Meyer, Former Manager, Sales Resource Centre, Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA)

“Today I make a great income. What has stuck with me the most about our work together was your questioning strategy. The focus on asking the right questions, keeping in mind the value proposition and understanding what your customer needs has served me well through many situations and challenges over the years. One of the biggest challenges was effecting cultural change in a hugely successful blue chip company that initially resisted the need to improve their quality processes.”

~ Allan Wilson, Quality Management, Enbridge Inc.

”Just days after completing your course, I closed two of the largest sales contracts in the history of my company. Each contract represented five times my previous sales volume. The difference? Confidence! I know your work is totally confidential, but, you have my permission to share this letter with anyone considering your training techniques."

~ Peter Watson, President, Response Generators Inc.

”I told Mia in 1995 that my company took off through referrals after taking her course. My ability to converse with all personality types increased by 95%. Her teachings launched my sales career and have stayed with me all these years. Mia is an energizing, wonderful soul!”

~ Kimberly Dowhanick, Senior Executive Management Recruiter

”I am happy to say that the increased confidence QUADRUPLED my medical placements and DOUBLED MY INCOME with the College of Nursing. I am now in business for myself and on my way to doubling my income again! Thank you.

~ Cristina Spiegel, BA, BAAS, MSc., Clinical Professional Connections, LLC
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