Signature System


When you – or someone on your executive team – need to break through a hidden, personal barrier that is blocking progress and causing problems, and you need a solution NOW, I offer an easy method that will get you immediate results.

My process is unique because of the speed with which we see results. And the results are guaranteed.

Does anyone else promise you this?

High Impact Transformation Process




Private. Results-Focused. Results Measurable. Strong on Common Sense. And Sometime Fun, even!


– Define core issue to be addressed and agree on area of highest personal ROI

– Set outcome goals

– Agree on meeting times

Part 2. CLEAR

– Pinpoint related situations and events that had a negative emotional impact

– Dissolve core issue at source, based on thousands of hours of personalized work with clients and a relentless focus on the latest scientific discoveries, with my One-On-One Proprietary Method

Part 3. ASSESS

(A) On Completion

– Confirm that the presenting problem has been resolved

– Verify that 1-month outcome goals were achieved

(B) 3 Months Later

– Confirm that all identified situations and events have been cleared

– You stress out less and play more

(C) 6 Months Later

– Confirm that transformation is proving permanent

MY GUARANTEE: Guaranteed results within 30 days. Because you don’t have time to waste.

If it doesn’t work, there is no cost to the company, so what do you have to lose?

MY PROMISE: 100% confidentiality.  Absolute discretion.

Full commitment to your progress. I take on only 3 clients in any month in order to be fully available and present for our sessions.

You will overcome any barrier that is blocking your success within 30 days or you will owe me nothing.


Step 1: Schedule a 10-Minute Call

We will know in under 10 minutes whether this is a relationship we would both like to pursue.

Step 2: Complete Application

Needless to say, confidentiality is fully guaranteed. Always.

Because of my outrageous guarantee, I only work with those who are committed to deep, lasting change. And I am very selective about the people I agree to work with.

Step 3: Discuss contents of Client Application.

Discuss anticipated company ROI.

Decide on next steps.

CONTACT ME if you would like to schedule a 10-minute call.